Rachel Neville


Rachel Neville is a New York City-based dance and movement photographer

Rachel creates unique, powerful, transformative visuals for dance companies and editorial publications that are designed to stop viewers, captivate their imagination and bring them into the theatre.

A multi talented artist who utilizes the medium of photography, Rachel is a former dancer and teacher. Her images are informed as much from her dance history as they are from her innate creative vision and her clients visual needs.


Dance has the power to inspire, transcend,
and create human connection.

Model as bird

I am out to eradicate the starving artist conversation that so many dancers and artists have been taught to believe. Through the power of marketing, education and stunning visuals, I believe dance companies, choreographers and dancers can achieve the success and reach they work so hard for!


The best information for dance photographers, established or up-coming. Step-up your game on everything from lighting, to posing and beyond.


The best advice for dancers on marketing themselves, nailing auditions, finding your lines and much more.

For Companies

Powerful, transformative visuals for dance companies that are designed to entice viewers, captivate their imagination and bring them to the theatre.