Resources for Dancers from Rachel Neville Photography

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Part of what makes the Rachel Neville Photography experience different from working with any other dance photographer in New York City, is our commitment to providing resources and information that help dancers achieve success throughout the audition process and the life of their dance careers. In keeping with our commitment to provide the best resources … Read more

You Got the Job – Now What? Episode 6

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Episode 6 of the Rachel Neville Photography Audition and Marketing Video Series for Dancers looks at a topic you don’t hear too much about.  It might be a topic you haven’t even thought about throughout the audition preparation process.  What happens after you get the job? Watch Episode 6 NOW Your journey as a dancer  doesn’t … Read more

You Don't Have to Do It Alone: Rachel Neville Photography Video 5

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In this episode, from our Marketing and Career Tips for Dancers Video Series, we are talking about the importance of community support as you prepare for dance auditions, go on auditions and manage dance career decisions. Support and community are key to a successful dance career and today’s dancers are poised to access the resources … Read more

Episode 4 Preparing for Audition Day

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In this episode of the Marketing for Dancers video series, we tackle the big day: audition day, that is. Dancers, you have spent years preparing to this moment and now the dance audition day has finally arrived and you want to make sure that you are fully prepared to take all the right steps for … Read more

How to Write a Resume and More Career Tips: Audition and Marketing for Dancers Episode 3

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Episode 3 of my Audition and Marketing for Dancers video series is a slightly longer video because it is a particularly important topic for dance career success and I have a lot of advice to share with you. Watch Episode 3 NOW In Episode 3, we tackle resume tips.  This is one of those important … Read more

Know Who You Are as a Dancer – Audition and Marketing Tips for Dancers Episode 2

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We are thrilled that so many dancers and our colleagues in the dance community are enjoying our brand new Audition and Marketing Video Series for Dancers.  The feedback from Episode 1 has been great and we can’t wait to hear what you think of Episode 2. Audition and Marketing Tips for Dancers: Know Who You … Read more

Video Launch: Audition and Marketing Videos from Rachel Neville

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We are thrilled to announce the launch of our video audition and marketing series for dancers.  Episode 1 is available now and we are busy putting together a library of videos with tips for launching and managing the dance career you have been working so hard to build. Check out Episode 1 now and learn all about the … Read more

Power of Dance Photography: Interpretations with Joy-Marie Thompson Honors Black History

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One of the more powerful experiences I have as a dance photographer is working with talented dancers, choreographers, and artistic directors who are passionate about their work and using dance to do good in the world, to inspire.   Joy-Marie Thompson does just that in Interpretations, an exhibition of my photos of Joy-Marie, at The Purchase … Read more