Hands, Hands, Hands..

How to make your hands look good in photographs… let’s talk. I recently had the chance to work with Erica Cornejo of Boston Ballet and this came up.  Within the first couple of shots, her delicious, expressive hands were something I immediately noticed.   You know how people who are into football excitedly shout at … Read more

Working with the Heart Chakra to Create Energy and Lines in Dance Audition Photos

So it’s the season of dance audition photos and I’m working with a lot of individual pre-professional dancers at the moment.  I just love building up their confidence and getting these young dancers ready to put their best feet forward and launch into the careers they have been working so hard for. When I work … Read more

My Bag of Tips and Tricks: The Unusual Things Every Dancer Needs

Happy holiday season! Everyone likes a little behinds the scenes peek every now and then right? Yesterday in a shoot we started talking about all the little tricks I have to solve problems that come up for dancers in our studio and we thought we’d give you a little Holiday Grab Bag of odd, unique and … Read more

The Gallery: Creating Stories from Emotional Landscapes

Image making art storytelling through photography Rachel Neville NYC

I often am asked how I come up with some of my narrative work, where the ideas come from.  To be honest, I imagine it’s a similar process to writers: you write what you know… I shoot themes and images that come to me through personal experiences combined with inspiration shots I am continually gathering. But … Read more

Concept Photography of Dancers: Meet The Bird

dance photography art photo rachel neville

I love dance photography.  I have been a dancer, a teacher, and then a dance photographer for most of my life.  I grew up watching for the next cover of Dance Magazine.  I stared at the pictures in the programs of the companies I longed to dance for.  The shapes and emotions always connected my soul … Read more

Dancers Review Photo Shoot with Rachel Neville in NYC

dancer richmond ballet photo rachel neville

Recently, we did a mini-photoshoot at the Rachel Neville Photography Studio in NYC with a group of dancers from the Richmond Ballet.  After the shoot, we caught up with dancers Mara Milner, Anna Sundquist and Alexandra Lammon who shared what it was like to work with Rachel Neville, the kind of preparation needed before the dance photo … Read more

Advice on Transitioning from Dancer to Trainer: Spotlight on Katie Dettling

dancer turned trainer photo by rachel neville

We recently had the pleasure of working with Katie and Grant Dettling, co-founders of Fit-Arts, a Pilates and wellness studio on the Upper West Side.  In addition to being a successful entrepreneur in the health and fitness field, Katie and her husband Grant, are former dancers. Katie spoke with us about navigating the dancer to … Read more

Aerial Photography – How to Get Great Aerial Shots and Meet Mara Hsiung

aerial photo Rachel Neville red leotard blue hoop

I love shooting aerial artists. When I built my NYC dance photography studio two years ago, we put in a rigging point and while I haven’t spent much time talking here about how we can accommodate you guys, the word of mouth has picked up among aerial artists all over New York.  And we have some great … Read more