For Photographers: Working the Psychology of Your Subject

dancer en pointe, in blue, blue dance photography

Working the psychology of your subject in a shoot is not a talked-about thread in most photographer circles but is certainly super important when it comes to dealing with dancers.  Connect with your subject, get inside their heads, find out what makes them tick. These are probably some of the common tips you might have … Read more

Could Arts & Humanities Heal the World?

Rachel Neville Photography Dance Brain

Rachel Neville Photography Dance Brain

It’s funny; the more inspired by a topic you are, the more you seem to see information or comments about it everywhere you look.  This has been true for me and a recent blog post on how brain patterns affect what we see.

I’ve had some great conversations about this, through blog comments, facebook chats, emails, and even a random subway encounter with a fiction writer I bumped into.  I have purposely kept a completely open mind, hoping that through many other peoples’ experiences a variety of thoughts might crop up.  Indeed they have!

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