Powerful Dance Photography for an Innovative Dance Company: Rachel Neville for Eryc Taylor Dance Company

I absolutely LOVED working with the Eryc Taylor Dance company and I know you are going to love their show just as much. ETD’s upcoming show, The Exhibit, runs Oct 15-18th at The Alchemical Theatre Laboratory, 104 W. 14th Street in NYC and tickets are still on sale, but they are going fast! Dance Mission Resonates in … Read more

Tips for Dancers: Shooting on Locations

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Audition Photos Series

This is a  post in the series, Everything Dancers Need to Know About Audition Photos. Read the first installment.
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In my Audition Tips Series I have talked about topics like what to wear, how to prepare and what to expect at an audition photo shoot.  Now I am looking at how to choose a location for audition photo shoots that takes advantage of weather, light and the world around you.
outdoor photo shoot audition location photo tips
1) Scout your locations ahead of time
Be aware of the background so that it suits your theme/style.  Ask questions like, is it easily accessible; is there a location close by to change or use the restroom if you need (or is it secluded enough that you will feel comfortable doing so?).
2) Find out if you need a permit to use the space, for the number of people you need to have at the shoot.
3) Consider the temperature for the time of day you plan to shoot.
Your photographer might specify their preference for lighting, but be aware of what your body can handle.  First morning light may be beautiful, but can your body move well when it’s 40 degrees? Later in the afternoon might be a better choice if you are a warm blooded dancer!
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Save with Fall Days Photo Shoot

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Save 30% on PhotoShoot with Rachel Neville Photography

Fall leaves will be turning very shortly after this first cold snap here in NY, a beautiful time to shoot some dance or headshots out of doors.

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