How To Get More Movement In Your Poses

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Audition season is here in full swing, and we are super busy in the studio making sure that our clients have everything they need. I’ve been working with more and more classical and contemporary dancers on ramping up their expressions and giving directors a sense of their style, but I wanted to touch on a … Read more

Audition Photo Tips: Poses that Work

ballet dance audition photo tips poses that work

ballet dance audition photo tips poses that work

If you’ve been following this blog thread on Audition shots for awhile now you should be feeling a little more confident in your preparation and what to expect.  One of the last pieces of the puzzle now is to come armed with a few poses that you would like to start your session with, some that you know will look good, some you think might do well, and some that might be a jumping off point to experiment and come up with what looks cool on your frame, all the while speaking what you need them to speak to the director.

dance audition poses that work photo shoot

Start with the basics and build from there.  If you take a moment at the beginning of your session to make a simple 5th position or passé look good, you will have a better idea of how to make the other poses work.  Make sure you keep your chin lower than you would normally in rehearsal and on stage; we don’t want to shoot up your nose.  Also make sure that your eyes follow your nose so that we don’t see a large amount of eye white.

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