Dance Photography Workshop Reviews

dance photography workshop

We just wrapped up our first group photography workshop for dance photographers this past weekend, and I can truly say that  I think we all had such a wonderful time! Eight photographers from all over the country traveled to NYC to cover a comprehensive topic list focused on shooting and building their businesses around dance photography.  … Read more

Working with the Heart Chakra to Create Energy and Lines in Dance Audition Photos

So it’s the season of dance audition photos and I’m working with a lot of individual pre-professional dancers at the moment.  I just love building up their confidence and getting these young dancers ready to put their best feet forward and launch into the careers they have been working so hard for. When I work … Read more

My Bag of Tips and Tricks: The Unusual Things Every Dancer Needs

Happy holiday season! Everyone likes a little behinds the scenes peek every now and then right? Yesterday in a shoot we started talking about all the little tricks I have to solve problems that come up for dancers in our studio and we thought we’d give you a little Holiday Grab Bag of odd, unique and … Read more

Aerial Photography – How to Get Great Aerial Shots and Meet Mara Hsiung

aerial photo Rachel Neville red leotard blue hoop

I love shooting aerial artists. When I built my NYC dance photography studio two years ago, we put in a rigging point and while I haven’t spent much time talking here about how we can accommodate you guys, the word of mouth has picked up among aerial artists all over New York.  And we have some great … Read more

Dance Audition Photo Shoot Lessons from Dancer Laura Anne Wallace

rachel neville nyc dance photographer photo shoot laura anne wallace

Recently, Laura Anne Wallace came into the Long Island City studio for dance audition photos.  We had a great photo shoot and afterwards had the chance to talk about what the dance audition photo shoot experience was like for Laura Anne, what her dance goals are, and what advice she has to share with her … Read more

Why You Don't Look Like Yourself in Photos – And What to Do

rachel neville tips for better dance photos

Have you ever wondered why your pictures don’t really look like you thought you looked in the studio or on stage? Have you ever been in a photoshoot with a pro or a friend, looked at the screen on the phone, the back of the camera or on the computer and thought ‘wow that’s not what … Read more

Making Magic with Filters and Fairies

rachel neville midsummer nights dream nyc dance photographer
I recently had another great day shooting in the studio with Ajkun Ballet Theatre.  We had a pretty extensive shot list for the marketing needs of their upcoming 2013-2014 season. This image for their new ballet Midsummer Nights Dream was just released and is definitely one of my favs from the shoot!  We’ve had such a great response from it thus far that I thought I’d take a minute and explain a little about how we go from an idea to a shot in studio to the final image.
rachel neville midsummer nights dream nyc dance photographer
I really enjoy shooting with Ajkun BT; I’m given enough information to know what they need, but then am given the latitude to get my own creative juices going and really sink my teeth into their projects..  It always starts with a call from Artistic Director Chiara and with her shopping list of images and then her thoughts on dancers and what options we have for styling.  She also gives me key themes, adjectives and information on who we are targeting with the images.  For example, for this image of Dream, she used the descriptive terms ‘Disney’, sparkly and fairy dust.  Right away I knew we were going to be working with a composite image, so we needed to shoot on a clean background to be able to cut her out of it.