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Erika Bloom Pilates Plus (Madison Ave, NY)

Pop Quiz: Pilates

3D Modern Dance Janusphere Dance Company Rachel Neville Photography

Interview with Janusphere Dance Director, Darion Smith

Dance Photography, Escher Project

Daily Routine Interrupted: Inspiration Returns

Rachel Neville Photography for Dance Iquail

Beauty and the Bus

Michael Clancy Fitness by Rachel Neville Photography

Michael Clancy, The Encyclopedia of Fitness

Ellison Ballet

Dreaming in Chocolate & Other Accidental Inspiration

An early fitness shot from Rachel Neville Photography

The Road to Now: How I Got Here… What's Your Story?

Rachel Neville Pilates Photography

Catch the Rush: Multi City Photo Shoot Prep #2

Kicking it Into High Gear: Multi City Photo Shoot Prep #1

Small Business Taxes… Sigh