Your Headshot: Is serious or smiling better?

A couple of weeks ago I bought an audio book Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People by Vanessa Van Edwards. Ms. Van Edwards is a social scientist and the book’s purpose is to help create a manual for social hacks and teach how to effectively network and understand human behavior (in case you’re wondering why I … Read more

Start Sharing – Rachel Neville Marketing Series Pt 4

ballet dancer photo long hair down no tights

So, in the previous posts we talked about who you are as a dancer, artist, teacher, cupcake eater… and then we looked into who you might like to serve with your content, who you want to connect with.  This group is your target audience. What are their interests? What do they like to do for fun, … Read more

Marketing Series 3: Find Your Tribe and Get to Know Them

dance marketing tips rachel neville dance photographer

Ok, let’s dive right in! In our last post on this topic two weeks ago we delved into who we are as a ‘product,’ getting to know ourselves in depth without wearing that judgment hat. We also looked at the appropriate time to start working on marketing, and the value you bring to the dance companies … Read more

How to Market Yourself as a Dancer – Marketing Series Pt 2

dance marketing ideas

Ok, let’s get started! Marketing for Dancers: Find Your Strengths There are many elements of good marketing. Most companies think about their print, social media, Google ads and product placement, just to name a few. How does all of this translate to dancers? Does it feel a little overwhelming? Let’s begin by defining the question … Read more

Dance Marketing. Let's go!

Rachel Neville Photographer dancer tunnel

Marketing.  It’s a vague, distant word for many dancers, something that companies and corporations do, right?  Not any more. So many businesses and dance companies fail every year (the statistics are pretty depressing so we won’t go there).  I have a hunch that often this has to do with more energy and resources allocated to producing, only leaving … Read more

Creating Images for Complexions Contemporary Ballet

Complexions Contemporary Ballet Rachel Neville marketing campaign

We have been so busy in the studio and want to take a few moments to share some of the work we have been doing in the past few months for dancers, dance companies and more. Today, we are taking a look back at the marketing campaign that we helped to create for Complexions Contemporary … Read more

Working with William Forsythe and the Boston Ballet

boston ballet artifact photo rachel neville

From my days of dancing in Germany back in the 90s I have always held in the highest esteem William Forsythe’s work. Indeed, we used to travel down to Frankfurt when we could, to see the company perform.  It was such an amazing group of dancers on the cutting edge at that time. So when I got … Read more

Creating a Marketing Image that Reflects the Power of a Dance Company

The Moving Architects Photo Rachel Neville

I created this piece for contemporary dance company The Moving Architects in celebration of the company’s tenth anniversary season. Our goal was to create an image that represented their 10th anniversary season in a way that connects to their branding and resonates with audiences.  Strong, contemporary shapes and emotional content are key to The Moving Architects’ work and … Read more