Creating Images for Complexions Contemporary Ballet

Complexions Contemporary Ballet Rachel Neville marketing campaign

We have been so busy in the studio and want to take a few moments to share some of the work we have been doing in the past few months for dancers, dance companies and more. Today, we are taking a look back at the marketing campaign that we helped to create for Complexions Contemporary … Read more

Workshop for Dance Photographers at Rachel Neville Photography Studio

NYC dance photographer Rachel Neville workshop

Dance photographers from New York City and throughout the country have reached out to me requesting help with their photography work. Because I am so passionate about helping dancers create great content for their marketing and because I truly love what I do in my Long Island City photography studio every day, I am excited … Read more

Working with William Forsythe and the Boston Ballet

boston ballet artifact photo rachel neville

From my days of dancing in Germany back in the 90s I have always held in the highest esteem William Forsythe’s work. Indeed, we used to travel down to Frankfurt when we could, to see the company perform.  It was such an amazing group of dancers on the cutting edge at that time. So when I got … Read more

Working with the Heart Chakra to Create Energy and Lines in Dance Audition Photos

So it’s the season of dance audition photos and I’m working with a lot of individual pre-professional dancers at the moment.  I just love building up their confidence and getting these young dancers ready to put their best feet forward and launch into the careers they have been working so hard for. When I work … Read more

The Gallery: Creating Stories from Emotional Landscapes

Image making art storytelling through photography Rachel Neville NYC

I often am asked how I come up with some of my narrative work, where the ideas come from.  To be honest, I imagine it’s a similar process to writers: you write what you know… I shoot themes and images that come to me through personal experiences combined with inspiration shots I am continually gathering. But … Read more

How to Capture Energy and Emotion in Dance Audition Photos

NYC dance photographer audition photo tips Rachel Neville

Happy Thanksgiving! As we take a break here at our studio this weekend to spend time with our families, we want to wish you all a great day off and to take a moment to be grateful for all of you, our readers, clients, friends. Love to you all. To those of you who are … Read more

Time Traveler

art photography concept rachel neville

Time Traveler is inspired by my love of magic and Steampunk style.  I grew up reading and loving all things magic and extra-sensory in addition to anything period piece, convinced I lived in the 1700s and then again in the 1800s. I wanted to create a piece that would read dance but also tell the … Read more

Creating Narrative Images: Betrayal By Rachel Neville

Narrative photography Rachel neville

The idea for the Betrayal image came to me one morning more as a video idea around a personal incident in my life.  What woman hasn’t been frustrated to the extreme by her significant other, and what fantasies we create in our heads to deal with the frustration? A few weeks later, I was shooting … Read more

Creating a Marketing Image that Reflects the Power of a Dance Company

The Moving Architects Photo Rachel Neville

I created this piece for contemporary dance company The Moving Architects in celebration of the company’s tenth anniversary season. Our goal was to create an image that represented their 10th anniversary season in a way that connects to their branding and resonates with audiences.  Strong, contemporary shapes and emotional content are key to The Moving Architects’ work and … Read more