Being a Whole Dancer

As dancers, we all know how easy it is to sink into negative patterns of eating or thinking. It can be a challenge to confidently practice healthy habits. When we think wellness, we tend to think about the physical aspects: eating right, sleeping, cross training etc. but what about our conscious and subconscious habits? A … Read more

Resources for Dancers from Rachel Neville Photography

nyc dance photographer rachel neville clients win contracts

Part of what makes the Rachel Neville Photography experience different from working with any other dance photographer in New York City, is our commitment to providing resources and information that help dancers achieve success throughout the audition process and the life of their dance careers. In keeping with our commitment to provide the best resources … Read more

Advice on Transitioning from Dancer to Trainer: Spotlight on Katie Dettling

dancer turned trainer photo by rachel neville

We recently had the pleasure of working with Katie and Grant Dettling, co-founders of Fit-Arts, a Pilates and wellness studio on the Upper West Side.  In addition to being a successful entrepreneur in the health and fitness field, Katie and her husband Grant, are former dancers. Katie spoke with us about navigating the dancer to … Read more

Meet Varvara Kalinin of Perfect Posture Pilates

Perfect Posture Pilates NYC

Varvara Kalinin is the owner of Perfect Posture Pilates, a pilates studio in Astoria Queens, near our photography studio in Long Island City, NYC. Varvara’s studio is “a contemporary Pilates studio offering private and group Pilates instruction for both body conditioning and rehabilitative needs.” With this brand identity in mind, Varvara came to Rachel Neville … Read more

Pop Quiz: Pilates

Erika Bloom Pilates Plus (Madison Ave, NY)

Pop Quiz: Upper Body Pain.  That’s what life is when you are…

a) a photographer humping gear, curled forward over a camera or slumped in front of your computer all day

b) a mom who frequently carries a 35lb kid around who doesn’t seem to care for sleeping or

c) frequently in need of a chiropractor that you have a hard time getting in to see

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Michael Clancy, The Encyclopedia of Fitness

I recently had the pleasure of shooting for a personal trainer named Mike Clancy.  Now what’s news about you shooting a trainer, you ask?  Seems like I do that all the time? Well yes, in fact I do, but I have to tell you, there was definitely something different about Mike that got me from the very first email exchange we had.  He was incredibly well spoken (or written you might say), was very warm and receptive to ideas at the same time as really knowing what he wanted.  Ok, you say, still nothing earth shattering, although yes perhaps you met and worked with a lovely person?

Well, first take a look at this…

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