For Photographers: Dancer Headshot Do’s and Don’ts

Dancer headshots - photographed by Rachel Neville

Headshots Updated 2018. Audition photos can put us all in a frenzy no matter if you are the subject of the photograph or the one taking the shot. Whether it is for summer intensives or college applications, headshots, arabesques and body shots could be required.  Submission deadlines are approaching soon, so here we go! I … Read more

My Bag of Tips & Tricks

Updated 2018 Now, I’d like to stress that we are not advertising for anyone, and we are not getting paid by anyone to push their products. This is a list of remedies and trending products that we have researched for clients, found through the dancers and vendors we’ve worked with, or have sourced as a … Read more

Is it Worth it to Hire a Makeup Artist for a Fitness Photo Shoot?

Rachel Neville fitness photography for Rosalind Moore

Last week Pilates instructor Rosalind Moore was with us in the studio. We had such a blast working through our shot list for her new marketing material.  We spent quite a bit of time planning the shoot, from look to wardrobe to lighting style and back, and poor Rosalind fighting a little bit of food poisoning … Read more