The Body Language Experiment: The Results Are In!

Body Language Experiment gives dancers audition edge

The results of the Body Language Experiment are in and are rather astounding! I’m so excited to share with you the synopsis of what has happened to my 6 Body Language Experiment volunteers! If you are new to this blog, let me give you a quick re-cap of what this experiment is all about: In shoots, I … Read more

Find My Leotard! Sneak Peek at My Leotard Buying Guide

grishko black leotards sleeve styles short sleeve spaghetti strap

A couple of Sundays in October I had the opportunity to work with several dancers in NYC and some wonderful dance wear companies to shoot for my leotard guide.  A big thanks goes out to all those who donated their time, I hope a good time was had by all and that you enjoy your pics!

Thank you also must go to the companies who offered their garments: Bodywrappers, Chaccot by Freed of London, Grishko, Gaynor Minden and of course Yumiko!

Here is a little taste of what is to come, to receive the link to the full guide when it’s complete please send us an email.
grishko black leotards sleeve styles short sleeve spaghetti strap
This is Yui Sugawara, a dancer with Ellison Ballet.  With Yui’s longer torso and wider shoulder to hip ratio, we had two things to consider.  In this picture of Grishko  leotards we see that the shoulders look more in balance with the pretty spaghetti strap leo rather than the short sleeve (this is going to hold true with short sleeves, long sleeves or cap sleeves for Yui).

Favorite Performances of 2012

Dance Theatre of Harlem Rachel Neville dance photography

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and it got me thinking about how much I love photographing amazing dance performances.  This week and next, I am sharing some of my favorite shots from performances last year.  Consider it my Valentine to you- and to all of the dancers and companies I have the pleasure of meeting and shooting.

Dance Theatre of Harlem Rachel Neville dance photography

Dance Theatre of Harlem

NYC dance photographer Rachel Neville Dance Theatre of Harlem

Dance Theatre of Harlem

contemporary dancers men dance theatre of harlem photo rachel neville

Dance Theatre of Harlem

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What to Wear: Finding the Right Leotard for Audition Photos

Audition Photo Tips What to Wear Rachel Neville Photography

In past posts we’ve covered what to wear for audition photo shoots.  Ten days ago I did a shoot with two outstanding students who will be graduating from Ellison Ballet School in NYC this year and looking for contracts.  These ladies were perfect examples of different body types needing different leotard styles to complement their shapes, and they graciously agreed to be ‘models’ for me to show you what I’ve been talking about (thanks Lauren and Sara!).

Great Audition Photo Tips What to Wear Rachel Neville Photography
Lauren Archer finds the best look for her body with a Yumiko spaghetti strap leotard.
As you can see, Lauren has a wider shoulder than hip girdle.  We tried many leotards on Lauren, and thought that these four, ranging from least to most favourite, left to right, illustrated my point.  Keep in mind that we are looking to balance out the body shape, shoulders to hips.  As you can see in the first Yumiko (and this is a fave leotard that I see all the time), the cut outs on the sides accentuate Lauren’s shoulders, but we hit a winner with the last spaghetti strap style.  Because the straps are further in on her shoulders they create the balance we are looking for.

Audition Photo Tips: Research To Do Ahead of Time

Igor Tauber Ellison Ballet Dance Audition Photos by Rachel Neville

Audition Photos Series

This is the second post in our new series, Everything Dancers Need to Know About Audition Photos. Read the first installment.
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Audition Photo Tips: Research To Do Ahead of Time

As a freelance photographer, I seem to spend so much time thinking about marketing (and not enough time doing it, but that is another conversation…).  As a sole proprietor this is one of my least favorite hats to wear: who really likes talking about themselves and getting people to ‘like’ their work on Facebook and other sites?  So I really understand that this is not an area where dancers like to spend much of their time.

Igor Tauber Ellison Ballet Dance Audition Photos by Rachel Neville
Igor Tauber, Ellison Ballet

I’d rather be shooting something cool than talking about it.  Wouldn’t you rather be in the studio rehearsing and training instead of doing research, getting organized, building a website and finding footage for your reel??  Yah, thought so.

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The Next Dimension: Shooting 3D Dance Photography

Jennifer Jones

I’ve been working on an exciting project lately; shooting dancers with a 3D stills camera!  Just the phrase alone – 3D – is almost common now; with so many movies being produced with that effect these days, new gadgets on the rise etc etc…  But it never fails; we show an individual one of our 3D shots through the viewer and the reaction is always the same: ‘WOW!!’ or a variation of that ‘OH WOW!!’ and repeat repeat repeat.  How does this work??

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Breaking Mirrors

One of my current fav shots from a shoot that I did with Andrew Silks a couple of months ago.. and since then I’ve had  a few people ask me how I came up with it, so I thought I’d write a little the behind the scenes post here.  Andy was such a great dancer to collaborate with, I originally shot for him for his audition pics this year (he just graduated from Ellison Ballet School and is off to Tulsa Ballet in the fall); we had just gotten into doing some fun stuff with his ‘crazy’ tights, when we ran out of time.  So I asked him back to do some more experimenting with me and this was one of the results!

Shooting on a 10×25 foot piece of blackout material (I prefer the material over a seamless paper as it doesn’t reflect any light and gives a deep black) we used the 4×8 foot mirrored plexiglass in the studio I had purchased for a jewelery shoot that I’d been wanting to play with.

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