It’s All About Your Attitude

How we present ourselves in body language, personal appearance, and overall attitude is a quiet yet key player in the audition process. Having a good attitude and exercising basic etiquette with your fellow dancers, choreographers, directors, and yes, photographers, is a sign of respect and is beneficial to your career and how you approach your … Read more

Do you know how to put your best face forward?

Dancer headshots model face testing

In my last post about headshots we talked about whether you should choose a smile or not.  While a toothy grin may not be appropriate for all audition photos, we do know that a genuine smile is always better than a fake smile. So I know this probably had many of you thinking: but I don’t like the … Read more

Hands, Hands, Hands..

How to make your hands look good in photographs… let’s talk. I recently had the chance to work with Erica Cornejo of Boston Ballet and this came up.  Within the first couple of shots, her delicious, expressive hands were something I immediately noticed.   You know how people who are into football excitedly shout at … Read more

Working with William Forsythe and the Boston Ballet

boston ballet artifact photo rachel neville

From my days of dancing in Germany back in the 90s I have always held in the highest esteem William Forsythe’s work. Indeed, we used to travel down to Frankfurt when we could, to see the company perform.  It was such an amazing group of dancers on the cutting edge at that time. So when I got … Read more

4 Audition Tips to Do Right Now

blue crop top gown 2015

  Gianna Nicoline 1. Continue your research and deepen it. Look at youtube videos of  dance companies and think about why you would like to work for those companies (beyond just wanting to land a dance job). Write down your reasons on a chart or spread sheet. This makes great content for a quick email to each of the companies when you … Read more

3 Ways to Make Social Media Work for Your Brand

Spring photography NEA defunding

Guest post by Elizabeth Eames If you have been following Rachel’s smart marketing advice for dancers, dance companies and fitness professionals, you know how important it is to identify and maintain a commitment to your brand.  Engaging in consistent, clear and effective marketing enables you to keep that brand commitment and to see results.  For dancers, … Read more