For Photographers: Working the Psychology of Your Subject

dancer en pointe, in blue, blue dance photography

Working the psychology of your subject in a shoot is not a talked-about thread in most photographer circles but is certainly super important when it comes to dealing with dancers.  Connect with your subject, get inside their heads, find out what makes them tick. These are probably some of the common tips you might have … Read more

Find Your Support

rachel neville career tips for dancers networking

Creating, identifying and maintaining a support system is so valuable for dancers. We spend so much time internalizing the emotional burden of the profession and too little on finding healthy outlets and stability in our daily routines. I am certain it is not lost on you that balance is important, dancer or not. Finding balance … Read more

It’s All About Your Attitude

How we present ourselves in body language, personal appearance, and overall attitude is a quiet yet key player in the audition process. Having a good attitude and exercising basic etiquette with your fellow dancers, choreographers, directors, and yes, photographers, is a sign of respect and is beneficial to your career and how you approach your … Read more

Working with William Forsythe and the Boston Ballet

boston ballet artifact photo rachel neville

From my days of dancing in Germany back in the 90s I have always held in the highest esteem William Forsythe’s work. Indeed, we used to travel down to Frankfurt when we could, to see the company perform.  It was such an amazing group of dancers on the cutting edge at that time. So when I got … Read more