Marketing Series Part 4 – Start Sharing

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So, in the previous posts we talked about who you are as a dancer, artist, teacher, cupcake eater… and then we looked into who you might like to serve with your content, who you want to connect with.  This group is your target audience. What are their interests? What do they like to do for fun, … Read more

Dance Marketing. Let’s go!

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Marketing.  It’s a vague, distant word for many dancers, something that companies and corporations do, right?  Not any more. So many businesses and dance companies fail every year (the statistics are pretty depressing so we won’t go there).  I have a hunch that often this has to do with more energy and resources allocated to producing, only leaving … Read more

You Got the Job – Now What? Episode 6

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Episode 6 of the Rachel Neville Photography Audition and Marketing Video Series for Dancers looks at a topic you don’t hear too much about.  It might be a topic you haven’t even thought about throughout the audition preparation process.  What happens after you get the job? Watch Episode 6 NOW Your journey as a dancer  doesn’t … Read more

You Don't Have to Do It Alone: Rachel Neville Photography Video 5

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In this episode, from our Marketing and Career Tips for Dancers Video Series, we are talking about the importance of community support as you prepare for dance auditions, go on auditions and manage dance career decisions. Support and community are key to a successful dance career and today’s dancers are poised to access the resources … Read more

Know Who You Are as a Dancer – Audition and Marketing Tips for Dancers Episode 2

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We are thrilled that so many dancers and our colleagues in the dance community are enjoying our brand new Audition and Marketing Video Series for Dancers.  The feedback from Episode 1 has been great and we can’t wait to hear what you think of Episode 2. Audition and Marketing Tips for Dancers: Know Who You … Read more

Strength over Fear: Career Advice for Dancers

NYC dance photographer Rachel Neville Harper Watters Houston Ballet photo

If you try to get rid of fear and anger without knowing their meaning, they will grow stronger and return. ― Deepak Chopra Dancer: Harper Watters, Houston Ballet  Photo: Rachel Neville Dancers, think about your true strength and the ways in which you can prepare for opportunities and overcome challenges while staying true to your art, … Read more