Dancers are using these pointers to get auditions

Are you over that nutcracker music yet? Only 3 more weeks! But after that, we know that auditions come up pretty quickly, and we want to make sure you have confidence in your process and career path! We are always working towards those goals for you here at RNP, and we are excited to announce … Read more

For Dancers: 5 tips for Getting the Most out of Your Audition Photos

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It feels like we were just climbing out of hibernation from last winter and suddenly Thanksgiving has come and gone. That also means it’s time to ready yourself for audition season, starting with your images and video reels! Do your research Know your audience and who you’re targeting Know the key players in the company, … Read more

For Dancers: Reclaiming Your Resources

There are so many moving parts in a career as a dancer. Especially when you’re dealing with branding, networking, and most importantly, the ongoing challenge to push boundaries in your technique, your artistry, yourself. That is a lot to hold yourself accountable for. But, what I’ve found to be shocking is: a) the lack of … Read more

For Photographers: Rachel’s Law of Expansion and Contraction

This is the time of year when I work on creative shoots and really focus on expanding the scope of my shooting. I’m experimenting with new ideas, new subjects, different lights and lighting patterns, as well as new ways of working and so on. As I am challenging myself to push my own boundaries, I … Read more

Personal Marketing for Dancers: How to Eat on Hiatus

I was having a great chat a few days ago with Da’Von Doane, (dancer with Dance Theatre of Harlem) on Facebook.  We were talking about, well, of course our selves, but touching on the broader context of dancers and artists having trouble marketing themselves.


With so many dancers in this country put on hiatis and potentially unemployment over the summer months, pick-up jobs are an important way to keep going.  But of course to get those jobs you have to let directors, choreographers, etc. know that you are available and, well, available!

Marketing is key to anyone working in the business and commercial world, so much so that companies have whole departments devoted to it.  So why do we as artists let that fall so low on our priority lists?  I know that I’m just as guilty: I forget about marketing until I find myself in a slow spell.

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