Broadening Your Horizons

Auditions are stressful enough as it is. But adding in the prospect of putting ourselves out there overseas is even more daunting. We are very fortunate in the States to have the dance scene that we do. But it can be easy to get stuck in the bubble and neglect the possibilities abroad, especially in … Read more

Do you know how to put your best face forward?

Dancer headshots model face testing

In my last post about headshots we talked about whether you should choose a smile or not.  While a toothy grin may not be appropriate for all audition photos, we do know that a genuine smile is always better than a fake smile. So I know this probably had many of you thinking: but I don’t like the … Read more

Hands, Hands, Hands..

How to make your hands look good in photographs… let’s talk. I recently had the chance to work with Erica Cornejo of Boston Ballet and this came up.  Within the first couple of shots, her delicious, expressive hands were something I immediately noticed.   You know how people who are into football excitedly shout at … Read more

How to Capture Energy and Emotion in Dance Audition Photos

NYC dance photographer audition photo tips Rachel Neville

Happy Thanksgiving! As we take a break here at our studio this weekend to spend time with our families, we want to wish you all a great day off and to take a moment to be grateful for all of you, our readers, clients, friends. Love to you all. To those of you who are … Read more

You Don't Have to Do It Alone: Rachel Neville Photography Video 5

rachel neville dance audition library

In this episode, from our Marketing and Career Tips for Dancers Video Series, we are talking about the importance of community support as you prepare for dance auditions, go on auditions and manage dance career decisions. Support and community are key to a successful dance career and today’s dancers are poised to access the resources … Read more

Episode 4 Preparing for Audition Day

episode 4 rachel neville video series marketing for dancers

In this episode of the Marketing for Dancers video series, we tackle the big day: audition day, that is. Dancers, you have spent years preparing to this moment and now the dance audition day has finally arrived and you want to make sure that you are fully prepared to take all the right steps for … Read more

Know Who You Are as a Dancer – Audition and Marketing Tips for Dancers Episode 2

audition tips video

We are thrilled that so many dancers and our colleagues in the dance community are enjoying our brand new Audition and Marketing Video Series for Dancers.  The feedback from Episode 1 has been great and we can’t wait to hear what you think of Episode 2. Audition and Marketing Tips for Dancers: Know Who You … Read more

Video Launch: Audition and Marketing Videos from Rachel Neville

video auditions and marketing rachel neville nyc dance photographer free video series

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our video audition and marketing series for dancers.  Episode 1 is available now and we are busy putting together a library of videos with tips for launching and managing the dance career you have been working so hard to build. Check out Episode 1 now and learn all about the … Read more

Dance Audition Photo Shoot Lessons from Dancer Laura Anne Wallace

rachel neville nyc dance photographer photo shoot laura anne wallace

Recently, Laura Anne Wallace came into the Long Island City studio for dance audition photos.  We had a great photo shoot and afterwards had the chance to talk about what the dance audition photo shoot experience was like for Laura Anne, what her dance goals are, and what advice she has to share with her … Read more