Social Media Power Program

Giving artists power over their careers' profitability and sustainability

Dancers bring beauty, training, creativity, heart, and soul to every audition, every rehearsal, every performance and every aspect of their daily lives. But what’s the one thing that gets stolen from them again and again as artists?

Their POWER.

Dancers depend on artistic directors, choreographers, casting directors, company administrators and marketers to give them the opportunity to advance their careers.

What if dancers had the power to command opportunities?
With a transcendent social media campaign, dancers can achieve substantial social media followings that give them the POWER to create their own opportunities;

  • More paid photoshoots
  • More outside performing gigs
  • More capacity to bring ticket-buyers to performances
  • More company viability
  • More workshop and teaching opportunities
  • More visibility for potential brand ambassadorships
  • More lucrative opportunities such as modeling jobs and social media influencer contracts
Boston Ballet

Social media is a powerful tool to enhance and promote your career, both inside and outside of a professional company.

Within a dance company model, a carefully curated social media presence can translate into audience recognition, choreographer’s interest and director’s casting consideration. Outside the dance company model, it can lead to modeling gigs, brand ambassador contracts and more. A strategically planned social media presence can produce a powerful return on the investment you have made in your dance career.

Crafting a Strategy

As a former dancer, dance teacher, and a strong advocate for the future of dance, Rachel and her team work personally with each Social Media Power client to craft a strategy that incorporates their sharpest passions, their deepest dreams, and the practical ways that they can grow their revenue streams as an artist. Authenticity is the key to an effective strategy that is easy to implement.

For some dancers that means striving for more roles that allow them to show off their immense power and emotional range. For others, it means helping them become audience magnets that increase ticket-sales. For many, social media is a tool to expand their portfolio of revenue sources into modeling, acting, brand influencing, and more so that they continue to discover what’s possible in their artistic careers.

After 10 years of effort and more than $100,000 invested to train a dancer, it should not be either “you get the lead roles or you go to law school”.

If dance, art, and expression is your true calling, Rachel will work with you to build a path of financial growth that stays true to your heart and ambitions.

Personal Branding is Difficult

It can seem overwhelming to create a personal brand and promote yourself on social media. Many things can stand in your way:

  • Social media takes time
  • Not enough high quality content
  • How do you build a personal brand?
  • Self-promotion feels inauthentic and self-indulgent
  • Not knowing where to start or how to build your presence

We understand all of these obstacles because, as creative artists, we have experienced them ourselves. Over time, we realized that in order to be successful in the creative industry, a well thought out business strategy is not only necessary but vital. The foundation of our success is the branding we established on social media. Over years of research as well as much trial and error, we have cracked the code on attracting a diverse following that engages regularly with our posts. We want to share our knowledge with you!

Dancer - Social Media Power Program - Rachel Never Photography
Dancer - Social Media Power Program - Rachel Never Photography
Dancer - Social Media Power Program - Rachel Never Photography

As a dancer you have spent enormous time and resources on your technical and physical training; but what about the business of professional dancing?

We will identify the strengths and unique qualities that will launch your career to the next level. Each of our Social Media Power packages includes ongoing business coaching with our team of experts. That coaching begins with an initial one-on-one business strategy session.

This initial meeting will provide you with the following:

  • A unique and individualized branding strategy.
  • A personalized content calendar that removes the guesswork regarding what to post, and how frequently.
  • Social media guidelines with up to date strategies that align with current trends and algorithms.
  • Copy optimization: Quotes, captions and copy content that will keep your audience growing and engaged.
  • Personalized guidelines for producing effective and authentic Behind- the-Scenes content.
  • Photoshoot and Networking best practices guidelines, including information about model releases, contracts, and so much more.

Ongoing Career Support


Following the career strategy session, we will be ready to plan your individual content. Upon choosing the package that best meets your needs, we will schedule photo shoots to generate the appropriate amount of content. Whether you need a simple social media jump-start or you’re ready for total support, we will work with you every step of the way.

If you are struggling to make time in your busy schedule to maintain your social media presence, let us do it for you so that you can focus on real-life networking, classes, and rehearsals. Full participation in Social Media Power can provide you with the gift of time as we expand your following, build your brand, and enhance your visibility, both inside and outside of the dance world.