#Move the Vote

Move the Vote - Rachel Neville Photography

Every day it seems to get worse. The news enrages us, Twitter demoralizes us. We yell and scream into the void, hold up signs, retweet until our thumbs are sore. But let’s face it—we’re not doing enough.

I am tired of feeling angry and powerless at the state of our country.

So I decided to start a campaign, using the dancers and artists in my community, to use my voice and allow others to do the same. Our goal is to have dancers and artists everywhere share why they are voting in the midterm elections, sparking a flame to get as many people to the polls as possible this November 6.

There’s an urgent need for all of us to speak up, to shout out at the top of our creative lungs, and make art that changes minds.

Challenge: Use your red lipstick, tell us why you are voting, take a picture and post it on social media! Be sure to tag @movethevote and use hashtag #movethevote.

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This is an example of one artist’s answer to the challenge.

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Tag friends and ask them to join the challenge!

Post your photo (Facebook, Instagram etc) then enter your name, email and link to your photo in the box below. Once you enter you'll receive a unique link that you can share with your friends and start spreading the message!

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