Imagery that captivates and builds your audience

Rachel creates unique, powerful, transformative visuals for dance companies that are designed to entice viewers, captivate their imagination and bring them to the theatre.

A multi-talented artist who utilizes the medium of photography, Rachel is a former dancer and teacher. Her images are informed as much from her dance history as they are from her innate creative vision and her clients' visual needs.


Her latest collection contains bold, dynamic illustrations that evoke conceptual and narrative-based themes that are often expressed in the world of dance.

Described by clients as 'unique,' 'evocative,' timeless,' and 'mysterious,’ Rachel's images reach out and grab the attention of the viewer, taking them into a visual world where dance and imagery combine.

What can Rachel Neville Photography do for your company?

  • Improve ticket sales
  • Fundraising campaigns
  • Increase visibility
  • Growing and engaging audience base
  • Constant content for social media

Bold, Powerful, Impactful Images

Rachel Neville

Choosing to work closely with her clients, Rachel develops individualized concepts for each project and executes them flawlessly. Whether she is initiating a project for a company's season, fundraising campaign or for advertising efforts, her clients’ goals and their visual brand always lead the way.

Companies we've worked with

Boston Ballet
Dance Spirit
Complexions NYC
Ballet Memphis
NYC Ballet
Lulli Dancewear
Dance Harlem
Hairy Legs
Carolina Ballet