Do You Know What Your Face is Saying?

Updated 2018. As we mark the end of audition photo season and you all venture through your auditions, I wanted to talk about something we often see in the studio. Take this tip to heart, even if it sounds like a broken record, because it will help you a lot. Inevitably, during an audition photo … Read more

Your Images, Your Brand: Are you Choosing Wisely?

Updated 2018. There are all different styles of photography out there. Are you choosing the right ones? You see it all around you. The sub par images that get a lot of attention. The photos of dancers that make you scratch your head. The ones that make you cringe slightly and wonder why that was … Read more

Tips for Great Dance Audition Photos

Updated 2018. Though this year’s audition season is already in motion, I’m constantly getting requests for audition shoots, including head shots. One of the most common questions always asked is: what do I wear to look my absolute best? A little known fact about me is that my mother started a dancewear store while I … Read more

What’s Your Weakness?

Updated 2018. Opening up a newsletter, I was hit with a message that snapped me out of the afternoon slump: Only you know the reality of what your biggest weakness is. Start this week by facing it; deciding how to beat it and then taking the actions necessary to overcome it. You can overcome any shortcoming … Read more

Personal Marketing for Dancers: How to Eat on Hiatus

I was having a great chat a few days ago with Da’Von Doane, (dancer with Dance Theatre of Harlem) on Facebook.  We were talking about, well, of course our selves, but touching on the broader context of dancers and artists having trouble marketing themselves.


With so many dancers in this country put on hiatis and potentially unemployment over the summer months, pick-up jobs are an important way to keep going.  But of course to get those jobs you have to let directors, choreographers, etc. know that you are available and, well, available!

Marketing is key to anyone working in the business and commercial world, so much so that companies have whole departments devoted to it.  So why do we as artists let that fall so low on our priority lists?  I know that I’m just as guilty: I forget about marketing until I find myself in a slow spell.

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