What’s Your Weakness?

Updated 2018. Opening up a newsletter, I was hit with a message that snapped me out of the afternoon slump: Only you know the reality of what your biggest weakness is. Start this week by facing it; deciding how to beat it and then taking the actions necessary to overcome it. You can overcome any shortcoming … Read more

Loving Your Job- Even When It's Just A Day Job

I was shooting with the beautiful Kelly Sheerins a couple of weeks ago.  Kelly, a Rockette, is building her portfolio and looking to branch out into other projects this year.

Like so many other dancers in this city, she earns secondary income in the fitness world.  Pilates/gyrotonics/personal training is often perfect for supplementing income and offering a flexible schedule.  Kelly mentioned to me that she books her clients first thing in the morning and later in the day to leave her schedule open for taking class and being available to audition on a moment’s notice… To me, anyone that gets up before 5am by choice is crazy, but really don’t we all get a little crazy in pursuing what we love?

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Exclusive Dress Rehearsal: Latin Choreographers Festival

I’ve had the pleasure of shooting for the Latin Choreographer’s Festival since it began.  Today at the dress rehearsal I was so struck by just how far this little- now not so little- Festival has come! The quality of the Choreographers this year is impressive, hailing from Chile, Mexico Venezuela, Brazil and Germany in addition … Read more

Breaking Mirrors

One of my current fav shots from a shoot that I did with Andrew Silks a couple of months ago.. and since then I’ve had  a few people ask me how I came up with it, so I thought I’d write a little the behind the scenes post here.  Andy was such a great dancer to collaborate with, I originally shot for him for his audition pics this year (he just graduated from Ellison Ballet School and is off to Tulsa Ballet in the fall); we had just gotten into doing some fun stuff with his ‘crazy’ tights, when we ran out of time.  So I asked him back to do some more experimenting with me and this was one of the results!

Shooting on a 10×25 foot piece of blackout material (I prefer the material over a seamless paper as it doesn’t reflect any light and gives a deep black) we used the 4×8 foot mirrored plexiglass in the studio I had purchased for a jewelery shoot that I’d been wanting to play with.

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PiggyBack Shoot #1: A Success!

Rachel Neville Photography PiggyBack Shoot with Michael Laskaris

I’m excited to share images from our first PiggyBack Shoot, last week, with contemporary dancer, Michael Laskaris.

Rachel Neville Photography PiggyBack Shoot with Michael Laskaris

Michael just graduated from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and needed a headshot- that he could afford- before heading off for a tour.

The PiggyBack Shoot with Rachel Neville Photography was a perfect opportunity for him to save him some money and get him what he needed quickly!

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Shooting Altered Fidelity for C Eule Dance Co.

I had the opportunity to work with Caron and her dancers a few weeks back.  They are celebrating their tenth season with several small shows over May and their season at the Capezio Theater @ Peridance in June.

Caron decided to highlight one of her new pieces, “Altered Fidelity,”  in our shoot.  The costumes, by Arturo Vera, were great to work with.  Everyone loves dance pictures with swaths of material that emphasize movement and we were lucky that these costumes did just that .

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