Get the Picture: The Day of Your Shoot

You’ve done all the prep work and now it’s the day of the shoot! Wahoo! You’ve got butterflies in your tummy and a twinkle in your eye. We know how much preparation you’ve done, how hard you’re training, and how important these photos will be to move your career forward. As former dancers themselves, Rachel … Read more

Get the Picture: Prep for Your Shoot

Whether you’re shooting headshots, audition pics, or content for your social media, high-quality professional photoshoots are an important investment for a dancer. Doing your prep work in advance will help facilitate a successful shoot.  Do your research Don’t just dive in blind. If you go into your photoshoot unsure of what you want out of … Read more

Get the Picture: Audition Shoots

Is it just us, or are you also finding yourself diving back into the hustle full force? With the world inching back to “normal,” it’s easy to put extra pressure on ourselves to be where we were (or, better than where we were a year ago).  Even if you’ve been training and taking class virtually … Read more

Branding: Get Started

Okay, let’s get down to business! How exactly can we help you make your brand a reality?  In our creative shoots, the goal is not only to provide you with beautiful dance photography for your Instagram page or personal website. This is the first step in cultivating your brand, and we strive to empower artists … Read more

Branding: An Agent’s Perspective

Earlier this month we broke down branding—why it’s important and how to get started. But don’t take our word for it! We connected with top dance agent, Lucille Di Campli, about why branding is critical for dancers (and choreographers, directors, and educators) in this new and ever-evolving landscape. For reference, Di Campli is the Founder … Read more

Branding: A Dancer’s Perspective

Last week we dove deep into the ins and outs of branding. But explaining the how-to’s only goes so far. The proof is in the pudding, as they say. So, we decided to hear firsthand from professional dancer, Nikita Boris, about how her experience cultivating her brand has affected both her life and career.  “In … Read more

You + Your Brand: Personal Branding for Dancers

You are more than your resume.  You are more than the summer intensive you were accepted to, your abbreviated Playbill credits, the show you’re dancing in, your conservatory class roster, or the company you currently dance for. You are a performing artist with colorful life experiences, meaningful relationships, unshakeable aspirations, and your own individual talents, … Read more

Navigating the future…

This is hard. You are not alone. Read that again. Read it one more time. Over this past year, we have felt isolated, lost, and alone. No matter where you are along this journey, you deserve support.  If your health is suffering If you have lost a loved one If you find it hard to … Read more

Where we’re going…

Now one year into the pandemic, we all just want answers as to where we’re going and what the timeline is until we’re back dancing, performing, and sharing our art form in person.  Key leaders project that live theater won’t be back-back for at least another six months. But with the ongoing vaccine roll-out, we … Read more

Where we’re at…

We have survived a year unlike any other. We were knocked down and we are still standing. We have remained determined and flexible as only dancers are. Twelve months have gone by…So, where exactly are we today? At this point, many studios and university programs have transitioned from fully-virtual to hybrid—offering a blend of online … Read more