What we’ve been through…

This year has pulled the rug out from under us. At the start of lockdown, our current projects were postponed indefinitely. That was scary, but it also appeared temporary. And then, our opportunities started to slip away, too…performance seasons went unannounced, in-person training was put on hold, and auditions trickled off the calendar. We cannot … Read more

How I Got The Shot – The Travellers

Usually by this point in a new year,  we have been on an airplane 3 or 4 times…. Let alone all of the travel that was canceled last year due to the pandemic!  We are not alone in feeling the major wayfaring vagabond travel lust right now!  These pangs of travel tugging at Rachel’s heartstrings … Read more

…Am I still a dancer? 

You know that quote, “So far you’ve survived 100% of your worst days?” Continue to remind yourself of that. It’s been one year since our world was upended. Broadway shut down (for what the League anticipated would be one month), the ballet cancelled its Spring season, universities shipped students home, and dance studios across the … Read more

How I Got the Shot: Gatsby-Themed

As the year nears an end, here’s a bit of a throwback for this month’s edition of How I Got The Shot! I was digging through some old hard drives looking for a file, and came across these behind-the-scenes shots from a lovely Gatsby-themed shoot we did at the beginning of this calendar year!

In this first shot, we have a gridded’ silver beauty dish as our main light. Our hair light is a gridded 2×3 soft-box on a mini boom behind the walls. We then have two highlights (7” gridded reflectors) on each side of the set to rim our subjects and give them some separation from the background.

In the second shot, the boomed hair light remained the same.  We used two rim lights instead of four for this shot.  For this particular portrait we wanted to have a slightly smaller spread of light than the 22” beauty dish produces so we opted for a gridded 11” reflector as our main light.

Due to the narrow beam of light we had to keep our subjects very close together. On camera right we had a silver reflector on a stand for fill to kick a little bit more light into the right side of the image.

Curious as to what gear we used?

Nikon D5

Nikkor 70-200 f/2.8 VR ED G III


 11”  long throw reflector with grid

22” silver beauty dish with grid

2×3′ small Softbox with grid 

7” reflectors with 30° grids.

Silver 42” reflector card

Avenger Stands/Mini Boom 

Vinyl faux wood floor

Hand painted walls

How Write a Resume

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How I Got the Shot – Finding Inspiration

We are just loving this shot of Giovanna, a student who came in for some portfolio images in addition to audition photos. Before creative shoots, Rachel gets on the phone with her dancers to have a conversation where she grabs inspiration from their personal stories, likes and dislikes in order to feature them in the … Read more

Audition Video Tips!

Hey Dancers! Audition season will soon be upon us! Are you prepared with updated materials that represent your artistry, technique, and range? We know that filming an audition video can be frustrating and take more time than you expect. Often, you have to recruit another person to help with filming and even then, you don’t … Read more