Retrospection and the Year Ahead

I’ve just come through a really heavy shooting season, and like any business owner, I don’t take downtime but turn my attention to post game analysis. What could we have done better? What things need to be put in place to make systems run more smoothly next year? Is there an area of my work … Read more

It’s All About Your Attitude

How we present ourselves in body language, personal appearance, and overall attitude is a quiet yet key player in the audition process. Having a good attitude and exercising basic etiquette with your fellow dancers, choreographers, directors, and yes, photographers, is a sign of respect and is beneficial to your career and how you approach your … Read more

Broadening Your Horizons

Auditions are stressful enough as it is. But adding in the prospect of putting ourselves out there overseas is even more daunting. We are very fortunate in the States to have the dance scene that we do. But it can be easy to get stuck in the bubble and neglect the possibilities abroad, especially in … Read more

Holiday Reset: Conditioning and Cross-Training

We all need to take a break to pause and breathe. For many of us, the holiday sweet spot between Nutcracker madness and audition season is the tempting and rare moment to be still. And period of this rest and relaxation has as much value as pushing yourself. However, with many studios closed at the … Read more

Dancers, PLEASE Stretch Your Knees!

So it’s audition photoshoot season right now, and I wanted to just take a moment to talk about a common issue we seem to have with dancers in my studio: Knees!!! You would be surprised at how often we pause a photo shoot to talk basics. Lately, the biggest offender in over 50% of my … Read more

For Photographers: Dancer Headshot Do’s and Don’ts

Dancer headshots - photographed by Rachel Neville

It’s that season again when all dance photographers go crazy with audition photos. Whether it is for summer intensives, college applications, or company auditions, headshots, arabesques and body shots could be required. ¬†Submission deadlines are approaching soon, so here we go! I have photographers asking me about headshots all the time. Most commonly, they want … Read more