Are You Making These 3 Mistakes When Photographing Dancers?

dusty rose dress edgy with pointe shoe dance photographer rachel neville

Did I catch your attention? Now, my fellow photographers, let me ask you this important question: How long have you been shooting dancers and how can I help? I’ve been shooting dancers since I was in college for photography almost 20 years ago (holy cow!). I’ve made all the same mistakes you are making now, … Read more

Your Headshot: Is serious or smiling better?

A couple of weeks ago I bought an audio book Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People by Vanessa Van Edwards. Ms. Van Edwards is a social scientist and the book’s purpose is to help create a manual for social hacks and teach how to effectively network and understand human behavior (in case you’re wondering why I … Read more

Audition Photo Tips: Research To Do Ahead of Time

Igor Tauber Ellison Ballet Dance Audition Photos by Rachel Neville

Audition Photos Series

This is the second post in our new series, Everything Dancers Need to Know About Audition Photos. Read the first installment.
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Audition Photo Tips: Research To Do Ahead of Time

As a freelance photographer, I seem to spend so much time thinking about marketing (and not enough time doing it, but that is another conversation…).  As a sole proprietor this is one of my least favorite hats to wear: who really likes talking about themselves and getting people to ‘like’ their work on Facebook and other sites?  So I really understand that this is not an area where dancers like to spend much of their time.

Igor Tauber Ellison Ballet Dance Audition Photos by Rachel Neville
Igor Tauber, Ellison Ballet

I’d rather be shooting something cool than talking about it.  Wouldn’t you rather be in the studio rehearsing and training instead of doing research, getting organized, building a website and finding footage for your reel??  Yah, thought so.

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Everything You Need to Know About Audition Photos: Starting Now

Ballet Audition Shots Rachel Neville
Ballet Audition Shots Rachel Neville
Didn’t it used to be August before back to school commercials reared their ugly heads on TV??  Is the economy in such a sad state that corporations are pushing the next season earlier and earlier?  Well, I saw my first ‘turn the channel, quick!’ ad last week and of course it got me thinking about my clients too… as professional students are heading towards the end of their summer programs I start to get more and more calls about audition photos.

Latin Choreographers Festival Celebrates 5 Years

Last weekend the Latin Choreographers Festival celebrated its fifth year with a series of beautiful performances.

Congratulations to Ursula Verduzco, founder of the Festival, and all the choreographers and dancers who made this past weekend’s run of six shows a resounding success.

The mission of the Latin Choreographers Festival, as stated by Ms. Verduzco, is to “present and showcase in New York City, the work of talented and innovating Latin choreographers, as well as one guest (non-Latin) choreographer or Company per year, in an environment where the general public, the International Dance Community and the Latin Community can feel welcomed and empowered.”

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Pop Quiz: Pilates

Erika Bloom Pilates Plus (Madison Ave, NY)

Pop Quiz: Upper Body Pain.  That’s what life is when you are…

a) a photographer humping gear, curled forward over a camera or slumped in front of your computer all day

b) a mom who frequently carries a 35lb kid around who doesn’t seem to care for sleeping or

c) frequently in need of a chiropractor that you have a hard time getting in to see

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Interview with Janusphere Dance Director, Darion Smith

3D Modern Dance Janusphere Dance Company Rachel Neville Photography

Recently, I joined Darion Smith, Artistic Director and Co-Founder of Janusphere Dance Company to work on an ongoing 3D photo  project. I have worked with Darion on images for marketing his dance company and have had the pleasure of shooting Janusphere Dance performances and I am eager to share more about Janusphere Dance Company and the artist who directs it.

3D Modern Dance Janusphere Dance Company Rachel Neville Photography

Like our interview with Iquail Shaheed, Director of Dance Iquail, here is some insight into a thriving New York City dance company under the direction of a vibrant young dancer and choreographer.

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Daily Routine Interrupted: Inspiration Returns

Wake up (or rather be slapped awake by your two-year-old wailing for milk), start the day, email, jump on Twitter and Facebook, shoot, do post production, do  pre-production, start the bedtime routine, work, sleep a few hours, repeat.



What a fantastic recipe for burnout.  I’m sure this is what most of our lives look like, maybe with some adjustments in the details, but you know, pretty much all the same.

But every once in awhile, something happens to jog you out of the routine and make you sit up and do something different.  I had one of those a couple of days ago, and it was amazing!