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Looking forward to Summer!

We have summer on the mind here at the studio…   As you surely do now that all of your competitions are over and your Spring performances are winding down.   Congrats on finishing another year of dance traning/performances!  We hope that you have a chance to give your body some rest before jumping into … Read more

Translating 3 Dimensional Movement Into 2D

“I just want to look good.  This is not just my self confidence, my career depends on it”  The number one cause of anxiety for all dancers prior to a shoot. Here’s the story we hear every day…   You’ve spent years training, 30 hours a week in the studio, privates, PT, conditioning, hundreds of … Read more

What To Expect: Why the flow of your shoot is crucial

What to expect; Why the flow of your shoot is a crucial tool in achieving the high performing images you want…   Workflows – we are all familiar with them.  The flow of a class (warm up, barre, center, allegro, cool down), is similar to a workOUT flow… maybe you have encountered a project workflow … Read more

How I Got The Shot – The Travellers

Usually by this point in a new year,  we have been on an airplane 3 or 4 times…. Let alone all of the travel that was canceled last year due to the pandemic!  We are not alone in feeling the major wayfaring vagabond travel lust right now!  These pangs of travel tugging at Rachel’s heartstrings … Read more