Still Life In Motion

Behind the lens: Internationally-renowned commercial, dance, and movement photographer/director, Rachel Neville

A visual storyteller, Rachel’s artistry is vivid, powerful, and imaginative. Her meticulous craftsmanship, bold vision, and innovative, textured lighting techniques result in genre-defining imagery. 

Rachel Neville doesn’t capture, she creates. A former dancer and teacher, Rachel’s background gives her an unparalleled mastery of the art of directing a body in motion and tactfully creating moments. Her work is emotive, impactful, and is designed to stop viewers mid-scroll.

Katie - 5th Grade Play 2009
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With projects that require movement, Rachel Neville is the multi-talented artist that knows how to design, concept, create, and bring your vision to life. 

Rachel’s impactful photography and motion projects bring still life to motion. Her meticulous craftsmanship, attention to lines and lighting, and tangible connection to her subjects enable expressive imagery. Rachel’s signature style makes you stop in your tracks — a powerful ability in today’s digital world. Her emotive images project strength, draw people in and tell a powerful brand story.

Rachel’s images have a certain allure and magnetism with layered lighting techniques that showcase a body in motion. Her high-concept pieces are created with her signature engaging and dynamic aesthetic.

With intent and purpose, every detail is visualized, meticulously concepted, designed and directed. Her thought-provoking images resonate, inspire, and drive action.

Rachel’s background and training inform her work. As a renowned photographer and teacher, Rachel knows how to make vibrant shots based on what’s in front of her. She will design a space and direct with intention.  She understands how emotion is translated through a body in motion, using its power, strength, and grace to tell a compelling story. 

Why work with someone who specializes in movement?

Dance and movement photography is a rare niche that requires a specific background and skillset to understand and communicate effectively. Being firmly rooted in a photographic and dance background, Rachel speaks the language of movement.  In combination with her proprietary method of painting with light, she has developed a specific method of working that creates moments and emotion out of motion.

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Bold, Powerful, Impactful Images

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Well-known around the art and photography world, New York City-based Rachel Neville works closely with her clients to create and execute flawless brand imagery. She’s professional and proficient. Expressive and evocative. She can take an idea and lend her expertise, be a point-person and problem-solver, and collaborate on a vision.

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