Marketing Series 3: Find Your Tribe and Get to Know Them

Ok, let’s dive right in!

In our last post on this topic two weeks ago we delved into who we are as a ‘product,’ getting to know ourselves in depth without wearing that judgment hat. We also looked at the appropriate time to start working on marketing, and the value you bring to the dance companies that hire you when you bring your social media following to them.

This week it is time to look at who you want to target as a dancer, the type of audience or listeners’ eyes that will be attracted to your content. Who are they? Where are they? What are their interests? What’s going to get them to become interested in our stories? and What will keep them engaged?

To answer these questions and come up with a strategy, take a moment now to do this exercise with me.

Step 1: Find your Tribe

To begin, think outside of your current family and friends, then do the following to come up with your thoughts on who will understand and be interested in the same things you are.

Imagine and then write down anyone that pops into your head who you think might be a good fit for your ‘product.’  Another way to think of this, who do you want to follow you?

Is it the younger crowd on Snap and Instagram who are dancers?

Is it dance wear companies?

Other dancers or non-dancers?

dance marketing tips rachel neville dance photographer

Ashley Mayeux of Alvin Ailey dancer Photo Rachel Neville

Step 2: Understand your Audience

Once you have this general list, start more specific lists that give you more information about the audience you are building, including the following: likes, dislikes, what they eat for breakfast (or not, lol), what type of clothes they like, what their concerns are, what are they worried about, what they love.  Remember to flush this out well.

The purpose of this second step is to start to match what you are passionate about with the types of content you post and to feed into what is interesting for your followers. We’ll be talking more about that content in the next post, sign up here to make sure that you don’t miss that next segment.

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