Beauty and the Bus

There are not very many snap shot pictures on Facebook that I pay too much attention to but one came up a few weeks ago that caused me to cheer.  A shot of mine from a Dance Iquail shoot, spotted on the side of a bus in Philly!

It’s one thing to have a great shoot, then see the images on screen as I’m developing them, and then to see them in a final output/print like a postcard, brochure, flyer, poster, etc.  It’s just so satisfying, especially when you dig the shots.  But there is something else in seeing them, well, large, on the side of a bus… (or a truck!)

I hear the same thing from clients- excitement about how real it is and how great it is to see a piece of their work out there in the world, ready to bring new audience members, fans and customers.  It’s the other side of marketing, and it sure can be beautiful.

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