Celebrate Summer: NYC Dance Highlights This Week

Rachel Neville Photography Celebrate Summer

Wanted to take a moment to celebrate the official start of summer!

Though this rarely happens for a working mom of a 10 month old, I feel the need to at least reminisce about sitting on a patio after rehearsals/work with a tub of salsa and chips and a really good Mexican beer.  Or two.  Or three…

Here is the Summer Scoop so far and what I hope to check out most …

Silco Dance has something cool going on this week with their interactive ‘People Watching’ on site performances.  I hope to drop by to one this week, and thought I don’t shoot for them I might just bring along my ‘machine’ to shoot something interesting!

Jennifer Muller is working on something great this week: ‘”The White Room” begins in a large featureless space, which alters as the piece progresses, influenced by the attitudes and actions of those around it.

Le Grand Théâtre de Genève is at the Pillow.  Wishing I had time to go to MASS this weekend!  I’m also looking forward to The Mariinsky Ballet coming to Lincoln Center in a couple of weeks!

Keep me posted on what you are doing this summer!

I am working on an exciting new personal project and I will be needing a number of dancers to colaborate with.  If you are around NYC and interested drop me a line!

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